Credit Card Signatures are a joke

Posted: February 25, 2007 in Fraud, humor, Insane, Random

So I decided to do an experiment 2 weeks ago to find out do stores really pay attentions to what is written on the back of a credit card. I received a new credit card and thought it would be fun to write something eye catching on the signature area on the back of the card. Below you can see that I have written that I stole this credit card on the back.

Credit card

I thought that when I wrote this on my card that I would see more times when people would asked to see my photo ID. Over the course 2 weeks I used my card 20 times for $173.24.

I used the card at all types of places everywhere from Starbucks, gas stations, Walmart, and AMC movies. Out of the 20 times I used my card I was only asked to see my ID twice!!!! I am not sure what to think about this idea now that it over. I will tell you that I was very sad after the 2 days of this experiment, because I could see the writing on the wall. The first week was when I received my two ID checks and none the second week. I was checked at the Starbucks on Thomasville Rd. and the other at the AMC movies located in the Tallahassee mall. The funny thing about the AMC was that I was not checked when I bought the tickets to the movie, but when I was in the theater and purchased popcorn at the concession stand.

It is amazing to me the utter lack of responsibility or lack of training that we see in today’s market places. I am not saying that it is totally the responsibility of the merchant to catch people who could be using stolen credit cards, but I would like to think that there would be a little more that 2 people out of 20 that would think to look at the back of a card and see that I have written, “I stole this card check ID!!”.

I believe that this go to show why ID theft is such an easy thing to get away with in America today. I never carry cash on me so I totally rely on my credit card. If it was to go missing I would realize it very soon. There are people who are not as reliant as me on the plastic and I think that they are the ones who should feel more outraged by this experiment. If by some chance their card was to get stolen how long do you think it would take to have someone questions them about. Well if you like math then about 5% of the time.

I am a betting man and I would never bet on a 5% chance.


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