I can not stand Comcast Cable!

Posted: March 8, 2007 in Insane, Internet, Tallahassee, Technology, TV

I can not stand Comcast Cable!

I recently got digital cable with the idea that I would only be paying $5 dollars more a month. I am now paying $40 dollars more and can not get a straight answer why. I do understand that the service costs five more dollars and that I have to pay $15 extra dollars for two digital boxes (1 DVR $10 and 1 normal $5). That means that I should be paying $20 dollars more a month plus the Taxes on that $20 dollars. Yet I find my bill to be $40 dollars higher. What I can not stand more is that there is no competition with Comcast here in Tallahassee. I could go with Direct TV, but I am being told that I have to have a phone line installed in my house. I currently rely on my cell phone as my home phone because I got feed up with the customer service that I received from Sprint. The only reason I tolerate Comcast is because of the high speed internet. I do a lot of gaming and downloading and find that Comcast’s speeds are great for those things. I believe that Congress or the State Government is trying to pass a bill that will allow others companies to compete against each other within the same region. I truly hope this happens. Honestly I do not a problem with Comcast’s services it is their terrible customer service. If they would just tell me in laymen’s terms what I have to pay every month then I would be happy. As it turns out I have not had the same payment on a bill yet.

Rant Over!!!!

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