Fitness Goals

Posted: March 3, 2008 in Weight

So this is the first week I will be reporting in on my fitness goals.

My current weight is 246 lbs (as of 3/2/08)

Good News

I had a productive week I played in two city league volleyball and basketball games (each on a different night). I went for a 4 mile walk on Saturday and a 3 mile on Sunday. Normally if I am walking I am Geocaching. I think my wife and I found 6 caches this week.

Bad News

My in-laws were in town and I ate way too much. Besides eating Italian and Japanese, we ate dessert after every lunch and dinner.  Also, I have been lucky enough not to have caught the flu this year, but I think my luck has run out. As I am typing here I feel like I may be getting sick. Hopefully if I am getting sick it is only a head cold.

This Week

I hope I can get some exercise in this week. The weather is supposed to be terrible tomorrow, but I might hit up the YMCA at lunch. I am hoping I can get a long walk on Thursday.


I was on the receiving end of two touring bicycles from my wife’s parents. I need to get them to the shop for some maintenance, but I hope to have them on the roads soon.

Edit: I changed my weight. I had 146lbs it should be 246lbs

  1. Wow, takes guts to do a blog like this, more power to ya!

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