Weekly update 3/10/08

Posted: March 10, 2008 in Tallahassee, Weight

So this is the second week I will be reporting in on my fitness goals.


My current weight is 242 lbs (as of 3/9/08) down 4 lbs from last week.


Good News

I was able to get an out some this week. I took my dog (Tia) on a 3 mile walk on Thursday. The wife and I took our dog on a 3 mile walk on Saturday and I was able to play about 3 hours of beach volleyball yesterday.


Bad News

Last week I mentioned that I was feeling sick, well I ended up getting a head cold that I have yet to shake. It pretty much keep me in bed most of the time. Even when I was able to walk the dog, I had to take a shower afterwards and enter in to a 2 hour coma to get my strength back. I think the 4 lbs I lost was because of the sickness squashing my appetite.


This Week

I hope I can get some exercise in this week. The weather is supposed be pretty good all week long. I am hoping I can some track work and stadium running a couple afternoons this week at Leon High school.  I also hope that I can find a few caches this week. We loaned our GPS to my mother-in-law, so I have not had it for over a week.



We had some bad storms come through and spawn tornadoes on my side of town this week. Although we are fine, our yard took some collateral damage in the form of a blown down tree. Sometime time this week I have to slice and dice it up and get it to the street to be taken away.


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