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Thanksgiving trip

Posted: December 2, 2007 in holiday

Well another thanksgiving has come and gone. The wife and I went to her family’s houses up north. On Thursday November 15th we flew into Dulles airport in northern Virginia. We rented a car and stayed the night at her parent’s house. On Friday we drove to Poughkeepsie, NY to my wife’s sister house. We arrive about 5 or 6 PM. My sister-in-law’s husband is out of town until Saturday, so the 3 of us get dinner at the Eveready diner. The food was very good.

On Saturday we decide to go into “The City”. We took the train into Grand Central station. Then we used the subway system. FYI I have never been on either a Train or the New York Subway. While in New York I got to see 3 things that I have I wanted to see.

1. Statue of Liberty
2. Eilis Island
3. Time Square

After walk around “The City” we took the train back to my sister-in-law’s house. On Sunday we went to FDR’s house and the Vanderbilt Summer Home.

On Monday we drove back to Northern Virginia, but we stopped at Gettysburg, Maryland. We bought a 2 hour audio tour CD that you play in your car. It was a very overcast day and kind of set the mood for the tour of the Battle field.

The rest of the time in DC we sat around and got to eat.

On Sunday November 25th we drove back home with my wife’s parents. It was LONG!!!!! Traffic was terrible! We left at 7 AM and did not get home until 2:30 AM Monday morning.

Satisfying a V-Day story

Posted: February 13, 2007 in holiday, humor


I was at lunch and decided that I need to go get my beautiful wife a valentine’s gift, so I headed of to the local Target to buy a few things. As I first pull up I notice that parking lot seems a little fuller than normal, I park my car and head inside to buy a gift. As I walk through the door I notice that the $1 gift are getting a lot of buzz. Two women and a child, maybe 13, are poring over the assort candies and gifts. I decide to head over to the card rack first and then pick-up some trinkets before I pay. I walk up to the area where the cards are and I can not even see the card because of all the women that stand in front of the rack. This is some what astonishing because the rack has to be 15 feet long. There are literally 10 or 11 women standing or kneeling trying to find the perfect card. What I do not see is one single guy standing there looking to find a card that would capture the moment or sum up their love all in one heart felt antidote. What I do next is pretty much the difference between guys and girls. I slip up to the rack and see the section that says, “To Wife”, grab the first card I see and walk away to purchase some of those $1 chocolates that I saw on my way in to the store. That is the beauty of being a guy. I know that my wife will love what ever I get her and appreciate that I thought enough get something. Also, I know that my wife will appreciate when I will act surprise and enthusiastic for the gift that she took 3 hours and a random Hallmark to pick out. That is why today’s word of the day is Satisfying