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This blog is in response to a Facebook comment about my Twitter status.

November 5th I made this comment on Twitter, “I am SO HAPPY about the Presidential election. I am sad about amendment 2. It hurts my heart that we can’t accept people for who they are.”

My Twitter account auto changes my Facebook status to match.

Later that morning I received this response within Facebook, “You know JP, it’s not always about accepting people for who they are. It’s also about the ways people would take advantage of it. I think that same sex couples have certain rights, but I don’t necessarily with the marriage.”

Below is my follow up comment and I believe it states my feelings and beliefs on the subject:

Please do not take my statements below the wrong way, because they are not meant to be mean or argumentative. I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinions, beliefs (religious or moral), feelings, and system of life they choose to live. Also, I know that my opinion is no better or worse than anyone else’s. Here are some of my feelings/thoughts/opinions on this issue.

Maybe I should have said, “I am SO HAPPY about the Presidential election. I am sad about amendment 2. It hurts my heart that we still don’t allow equal right for all humans.” But I feel saying, “that we can’t accept people” is a true statement too.

Acceptance is defined by Webster’s as: “an agreeing either expressly or by conduct to the act or offer of another so that a contract is concluded and the parties become legally bound”

To me the fact that 65% percent of Floridians voted to legally ban marriage between anyone except a man and a woman is not acceptance.

I do want to point out one thing I do not agree with you on. I believe your statement, “It’s also about the ways people would take advantage of it.” is the same type of statement that was said when it was purposed for women to vote, equal pay for equal work, or blacks not to be slaves. Again, I am not accusing you of that, just saying words like those have been heard in the past when something is not socially acceptable, but social norms change.

Throughout time minorities (woman, people of color, types of religion and now sexual preference) have been persecuted for being different. When most people look back on this persecution, they think it is absurd that people could have missed the mark for sooo long. I see amendments like this in the same way. It is not a gay marriage issue; it is a human equality issue. I just think that we should respect all humans and all humans should start out being equal in the eyes of the law. It is not a crime to be gay (anymore) and it should not be against the law for gays to marry. Again this is not me saying that you are wrong or that I am right. It is just how I feel about the situation.

I do respect your opinion and believe that you have as much right to that opinion as I do to mine. Thank you for sharing your view. As seen by the Amendment 2 vote, my opinion on the issue is in stark contrast to the opinion of majority. Also, my thoughts above, I believe, somewhat go with your second comment about, “Most people will win those freedoms they seek.”

I will say that in light of the recent presidential election, America electing its first black President, I am excited to see how far we as a society have come in the last 150 years. I still hope that we as humans can reach true equality amongst our peers before another 150 years passes.


Things that I need to improve

Posted: April 11, 2007 in List, Religion, Weight

Things that I need to improve. We all know that there are things in our life that you just need or want to do better. I thought I would list a few of the things in my life that I know I want to improve.

1. Understanding of God: I feel that I can always learn more about the God. I KNOW, I should read my bible more! I have gone to church most all my life and sometimes I still feel that I have not even comprehended 1% of what Christianity has to teach me.

2. Organization: I am one of those people that 99% of the world would call unorganized. If you look at my office you will see that what I mean. The odd thing is that I love lists, schedules, and tidiness. I just do not like creating them or cleaning.

3. Communication: I think most people can work on this aspect of their lives. I would like to be a better communicator to my beautiful wife and my family. Sometime I can not express the proper words, so I say nothing at all.

4. Focus: I need to start and finish things. College is a good example. I know that I can do anything asked of me, but I often lose focus. I need to work on finishing a project with the same enthusiasm level as I started.

5. Work Ethic: I do not think that I am a bad employee. I do think that I can improve at work.

6. Health: This is another aspect of my life that I need improve. I have started trying to live healthier life. It is a hard change for me because I love being active, but I love to eat copious amounts of fatty foods too.

These are just a couple of thing that I feel I need to improve in my life. Is there anything that you think you should improve?

Coffee It’s So GOOD

Posted: April 6, 2007 in Coffee, Random, Religion

There are a few things in this world that I would want to have if I was ever stranded on a desert island. First would be my wife. I know I am being selfish by having her stranded there with me, but I do not know if I could go on if she was not there. Second, My pet cat and dog, Loki and Tia. Another selfish comfort. Third, I would want my bible. We would need guidance and there is no better guidance than the lord. Lastly, (and what this post is about) I would want an unending supply of Starbucks!

I have found that there are very few things in my life Coffeethat I can not live without. God and family being the two major needs, but not all things are necessities.  At least one is a vice. Coffee, namely Starbucks, is one of those quintessential luxuries I have relied on for so long that I do not know what I would do if it was not available. I know that I am addicted to caffeine. I get my caffeine fix through coffee. Every morning I wake up and stumble to the coffee pot to prepare for that first fix. I dump yesterday’s grounds out, fill the pot with water, grind new beans, grab a new filter, and combine grounds/filter and water in it’s proper place. I then press the magic button that powers on the pot and wait for the perk-u-la-tion to begin!

The only exception is on Fridays. On these wonderfully days I choose to wait for my coffee. I roll out of my bed, get a shower, and get dresses. I then proceed to the local Starbucks on Blairstone road where I purchase a Venti (large) Mocha. I wait all week long to pass through those doors and give the clerk my order.

The taste is soooo good!

If you where stranded on a desert island what would you choose?

Posted: February 20, 2007 in Religion


Sound like one of those advertisements that would find in the back of a Maxim magazine. The reality is that is a Christian campaign gear towards youth and sex. Local Genesis Christian church started the campaign to start about sex from God’s point of view. Recently there was some controversy with Leon County High school principle Rocky Hanna who asked the Genesis to take the billboards advertising the campaign down or they would not be allow to use the schools facility’s (currently Genesis is renting space to hold services at Leon County High school). For More information on this article please look at the links below.