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At my weekly small group last night I was told about a Carnegie Mellon professor named Randy Paucsh. He was diagnosis with pancreatic cancer last year. He was given 3 to 6 months to live. As tradition at Carnegie Mellon if a professor is leaving the university he is allowed to teach on any topic he wants for his last class. Professor Pausch selected to do his lecture on life lessons he learned.  You can watch his video here.


I have been told that this was a big story with most of the major media, so I am somewhat surprised that I missed his story until now. As of March 8, 2008, I just wanted to let everyone know Professor Pausch is still alive and kicking. He was admitted into the hospital that day to drain some fluid from around his lungs, but it appears his health is stable for the most part.


I guess this is a story has struck a cord with me because I have lost so much from cancer.


I hope that when you go home tonight you would pray, call, hug, kiss, cry, laugh, and love any family member you can contact. We should remember that everyday is precious and not forget those whom we hold dear.


To follow the story of Professor Pausch you can read his blog here.


God Bless you all


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This me testing embeding youtube videos within my blog.