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Update on me May 8th

Posted: May 8, 2008 in Tallahassee, Weight

Well I have not been doing a good job with writing in my blog. I will say that I have a couple things to talk about.

Soccer: Well I have joined a soccer team, “The 1987 Field Day Champions”.

This is was something that is kind of a surprise to me. I had been playing a lot of beach volleyball, but wanted to add something else to get me more exercise. After volleyball one day I decided to go play soccer with some people from church. I went out to the Lincoln High school soccer fields and kicked the ball around. Now I will be the first to admit that I am terrible at soccer. I have always been some what clumsy with my feet and soccer, I believe, will expose your flaws more than any other sport in that area. Luckily, what little athletic talent I have and a whole lot of hustle allowed me to keep up with the others on the field.  After we were done they asked me if I wanted to play on their team. I told them I would have to ask the wife. After talking with her she allowed me to play. I signed up with TSA (Tallahassee Soccer Association) and registered for the Spring Coed League. We have currently played two games and have lost both, but it is very fun. I play the “Stopper” position. I have not idea what that actually means, but I am around the mid field chasing the ball a lot.

Health: Well I have been some what healthy. I have been able to play a lot of sports, but paying the price afterwards. I have been having a big issue with my ankles (as usual). They just can not hold up to all the banging around I have been putting them through. Recently after one of my soccer games I my foot swelled up on me. It was very weird. My ankles seem to be ok but the middle arch of my foot is bruised. I have not been able to run because it hurts to bad. I have been on my bike recently and that is kinda cool. I am not a bike person, but it does help with getting some exercise and not putting all my weight on my ankles. I hope that I can lose some weight a really start being able to get in some good workouts.


Weekly update 3/10/08

Posted: March 10, 2008 in Tallahassee, Weight

So this is the second week I will be reporting in on my fitness goals.


My current weight is 242 lbs (as of 3/9/08) down 4 lbs from last week.


Good News

I was able to get an out some this week. I took my dog (Tia) on a 3 mile walk on Thursday. The wife and I took our dog on a 3 mile walk on Saturday and I was able to play about 3 hours of beach volleyball yesterday.


Bad News

Last week I mentioned that I was feeling sick, well I ended up getting a head cold that I have yet to shake. It pretty much keep me in bed most of the time. Even when I was able to walk the dog, I had to take a shower afterwards and enter in to a 2 hour coma to get my strength back. I think the 4 lbs I lost was because of the sickness squashing my appetite.


This Week

I hope I can get some exercise in this week. The weather is supposed be pretty good all week long. I am hoping I can some track work and stadium running a couple afternoons this week at Leon High school.  I also hope that I can find a few caches this week. We loaned our GPS to my mother-in-law, so I have not had it for over a week.



We had some bad storms come through and spawn tornadoes on my side of town this week. Although we are fine, our yard took some collateral damage in the form of a blown down tree. Sometime time this week I have to slice and dice it up and get it to the street to be taken away.

Fitness Goals

Posted: March 3, 2008 in Weight

So this is the first week I will be reporting in on my fitness goals.

My current weight is 246 lbs (as of 3/2/08)

Good News

I had a productive week I played in two city league volleyball and basketball games (each on a different night). I went for a 4 mile walk on Saturday and a 3 mile on Sunday. Normally if I am walking I am Geocaching. I think my wife and I found 6 caches this week.

Bad News

My in-laws were in town and I ate way too much. Besides eating Italian and Japanese, we ate dessert after every lunch and dinner.  Also, I have been lucky enough not to have caught the flu this year, but I think my luck has run out. As I am typing here I feel like I may be getting sick. Hopefully if I am getting sick it is only a head cold.

This Week

I hope I can get some exercise in this week. The weather is supposed to be terrible tomorrow, but I might hit up the YMCA at lunch. I am hoping I can get a long walk on Thursday.


I was on the receiving end of two touring bicycles from my wife’s parents. I need to get them to the shop for some maintenance, but I hope to have them on the roads soon.

Edit: I changed my weight. I had 146lbs it should be 246lbs

Just a post

Posted: February 6, 2008 in Weight

So today is February 4th, 2008 and I would like to announce my intentions to run for President of the United States of America

Well it sounds good. I really am not going to be president. I am not even old enough to run for president. I just thought that I would start my blog entry off with some sparks today. 

I have not written in a while and really feel bad about being lazy and not posting. I have a little time today, so I thought that I would write a few things.

First, I have gotten extremely FAT!!!. I need to lose weight. I am going to try and lose about 20 lbs between now and April 17th. Tracy and I will be going to the beach and I would like to not embarrass my wife with my bloated body. 

Second, Tracy and I went to the beach yesterday. I did not know that Shell Point had a beach. It was ok. It is not Destin, but there is a little sand and the beach water felt nice on my feet. Hopefully I will get the pictures up for everyone to see. We took Tia with us and it was the first time she ad ever been to the beach.

Third, I am currently sick. I have had a cold for the last 4 days and it sucks! 

Fourth, I sprang my ankle on Thursday and it is swollen and bruised.

Last thing, I have been writing an essay for the ENC1141 Writing about Literature. I am supposed to write an essay about Characterization. I choose the story Boys and Girls by Alice Munro. I really hate writing about my interpretation of things. I much rather summarize stories than try to analyze them

Well until next time

Later all

New Year’s resolutions

I thought I would write a few new years resolutions for 2008. I hope I will be able to complete all of them.

1. Be a better husband and friend to my wife: I do not think that I am a bad husband, but I think I should try everyday to be the best husband I can
2. Lose Weight: This is a must. Really need to lose some weight. I want to be healthier and have my cloths fit better.
3. Continue to make “A’s” in all my college classes.
4. Be more patient when playing poker: I have been going on tilt after being sucked out on. I know that I have been making good plays, but after a bad loss I really need to tighten down and not loosen up.
5. Change the P4 database to a SQL database.

Springtime Things.

Posted: April 25, 2007 in List, Tallahassee, Weight

We are well in to spring and the weather has been very nice if you like to do outdoor stuff. I thought in this week’s installment of List Wednesday I would talk about the Activities that I have done and planning to do.

Have done:

1. Flag Football Tournament in Destin. Every year the city of Destin puts on 2 of these tournaments. It is a good event. It normal has about 10 teams and they are all very good.

2. Secretary’s Challenge. This was the first this event happened and I am glad that I was able to be a part of it. I am looking forward to the next one.

3. Lee’s Place 5k. Although I froze my but off, this was a good run. My wife likes to make fun of the course because you pass the finish line 3 time before the 4th and final time to complete the race.

4. Palace Saloon 5k. Fun race and a ton of people. Around mile 2 you go up a ½ mile long incline and then it is all down hill to the finish line. Super fast finish. I had to catch my self from running too fast down hill because I was scared that I might trip over my own feet.

5. Fudpuckers Beach Volleyball Tournament. Absolutely a great tournament. This was the first time I played in the tournament and it was great. Really good people and a fun atmosphere.

Want to do:

1. Flag Football Tournament Tallahassee. This is a benefit tournament. I have put together a team and hope we can do ok.

2. Furry Scurry 5k Trail run. This race raises money to help support the local animal shelter. My wife and I have already registered.

3. Canoe the Slave canal. I have been talking to a coworker about taking my wife and I on a canoe trip through the slave canal. It is a passage that was built to merge the Wacissa River to the Aucilla River.

4. Start a beach volleyball day. I have been talking to another coworker about having a day where we play Beach Volleyball. I am going to try to make it on Monday’s.

Is there an thing you would like to do or have accomplished this spring?

Stats day Monday week 6

Posted: April 23, 2007 in List, Weight

Well I did a little work this last week, but not as much as I would have wanted. Since I was playing in the Fudpuckers Beach Volleyball , I wanted to take it easy and not be tired the day of the event. I had a good time at the volleyball tournament. I played with a few guys from Baton Rogue. Although we did not win a game we were competitive. It was the first time I have played in a beach tournament. I will say that jumping out of sand and jumping off a hard court are total two different play styles. I felt so sluggish in the sand.

I have a bad sunburn right now.

Although the guys I played with were really cool and I appreciate the opportunity to be on their team, I really wish I could have formed my own team of people I know. It was such a party atmosphere there on the beach, that it made us want our friends to come down to Fort Walton Beach and enjoy the fun.

The hotel we stayed in was the BOMB!! My wife and I stayed at Destin West . It was a suite with one bedroom, one nook that had bunk beds, and a sofa the pulled turned into a bed. It also had two baths, Washer and dryer and a full kitchen. It over looked the pool and the bay. The pool area had 2 hot tubs, a few pools and a lazy river that went around the entire thing. Awesome hotel!

So, if you are reading this I want to let you know that I the beach tournament happens twice a year. There will be another one sometime in September. We are planning to get people together and play in this tournament. It will be fun.

Waist: 38

Weight: 227