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So, I have been trying this new service from Google called Latitude. Basically, it is a location based social media service that lets you share where you are and what you are doing. Latitude can be used through your phone or the web. The service will be within the RC33 release for Android (Google’s mobile OS). Google announced that this service will also be coming to other mobile devices (iPhone???). After giving Latitude a try (less than a day) on my iGoogle page, it appears to do the basics of every other location based social media application.


There are a couple things I can already see that Latitude needs. First, Twitter integration. I would like to be able to update my twitter and have it up Latitude. Even better I would like to use Twinkle on my iPhone to give location data and Twitter updates. Next, it appears right now it I can only update it through my iGoogle on the web. Give me a static Latitude webpage like Calendar, Docs, ect…. Also, when inviting people from my Gmail account please give me a “select all” button for my contacts list! Lastly, integrate my contacts list from all my other social media networks. I need Latitude to grab my Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, Linkedin, and Ning contact list for inviting people.